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Makulu Beef Property

The Property division aims to diversify Makulu Beef and grow in this asset class. The benefits of commercial property vests in accumulation of wealth, capital security and provides future leverage. Although property is not as liquid as other investments it delivers additional income stream and spreads the risk for the business. The properties are seen as a tangible investment and provides Makulu Beef with a sense of ownership and pride.

The strategy is to seek positive cashflow investments by either exploring new opportunities or benefit from the highest and best use of the properties obtained. The aim is further to build a portfolio which can withstand market conditions by thorough assessments and understanding of risks before investments are made. Value is then added by the effective facilities and capital management. 

The commercial portfolio is managed by Cobus Gouws who has extensive experience in the building industry while being a Director of an Architectural firm he is also is equipped with 10 years + experience.  He is also currently completing a Master’s Degree in Property Economics and Valuation.  Cobus is assisted by his wife Carike, they have gained property experience by structuring a personal property portfolio over the past six years with several residential tenants.  

“Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth”.  Robert T Kiyosaki 

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