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Makulu Farming and Bonsmaras


Our farming division consists of three sub divisions: Bonsmara Stud, Bonsmara commercial herd and Investor’s herd management.

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Bonsmara Stud is situated in Vaalwater – Limpopo and is managed by Louw Grobler.  Our breeding objectives is to breed fertile animals that are adapted to the bushveld.  We also strive to provide the market with healthy weaner calves, with good feed conversion ratio (FCR) and post wean growth (ADG).  Louw is a perfectionist with an Honors degree in Animal Science.


The Commercial herd is situated in the Crecey and Mookgopong – Limpopo area.  The objective in this division is to breed strong weaner calves, with good FCR and ADG.  The herd is managed by Stephan Jansen van Vuuren.  Stephan is an energetic “self-starter” with a Bachelors degree in Agriculture.


Our Investor’s herd management division serves as a platform for investors to own cattle without having the effort of managing them.  Our capable team then takes care of all aspects from grazing and feed management to health and nutrition.  Potential investors undergoes an extensive screening process, and is suitable for medium to long term objectives.  Lukas’s wife Leandri assist greatly in this division with exceptional admin abilities and vast experience in cattle management and reporting.  Leandri has an LLB degree.

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