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Makulu Beef Group

The group provides the Directors Lukas Eksteen and Cobus Gouws with a top platform for strategic planning and evaluation of new opportunities. Jaco de Witt was appointed as a non-executive director in June 2020. Jaco has a B.Comm (Law) Degree and has extensive experience in business strategy, financial management and tax structuring.   

The fundamentals for Makulu Beef are strongly placed in best practices in business. The continuous development and corporate relevance are promoted as the business has experienced strong growth and gaining a competitive advantage. This platform seeks to identify key strengths and skills of executives, management and employees to promote the best use of these talents.  

The Group structure will manage situations and seek advice to gain knowledge for solutions when required. The vision of Makulu Beef is to run an efficient organization which promotes an inclusive management style and culture to develop the attributes of all persons involved.

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